Weak Leg

There are two legs in a Binary MLM Payment Plan for distributors. Commonly known as left and right legs, they are also known as strong and weak leg due to the amount of members in each leg. However, for a binary compensation plan, the distributors must keep the legs balanced in order to receive their paychecks. Without two balanced legs, the distributor does not qualify, or meet the level of balance required, to receive their paycheck.

In the case of the two legs being unbalanced, the distributor is only paid based on the level of production which is being produced by the weaker leg. This is why the weaker leg was given the name “Money Leg”, because you only get paid based on the weaker leg if the two are unbalanced. The stronger leg was given the name “Power Leg” due to the fact that it has a stronger production than the other.

Expert Network Marketers advise that beginners focus on developing the strength of the Money Leg first, to create the balance of the two legs. It is common in an unbalanced situation for the people above you to develop the stronger leg while you develop the lesser of the two until the balance is reached.

See: Right Leg, Money Leg

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