The Prospecting Grindstone

Path to Success

The Prospecting Grindstone

The Prospecting Grindstone

Prospecting takes a lot of time and effort. The right tools and preparation can make it easier and a lot more fun.


You are an early visitor to our website! Thanks for being here at the beginning. Our Path to Success articles will be posted one at a time, every two weeks. The first article went live October 6th, 2019. Follow along as we provide the best information to run your business and have fun doing it!

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The Complete Path

You must commit to consistent daily, weekly and monthly healthy work habits.

Becoming an independent business owner, everything you do impacts your brand.

Working for yourself should be about building a future for you, your family, and anyone you work with. That doesn’t happen overnight.

There is always risk in business. Managing the risk, and your exposure to it is important for the business and your health.

How to effectively communicate with your team, and the tools available to make it easy.

Prospecting takes a lot of time and effort. The right tools and preparation can make it easier and a lot more fun.

Your mental and physical health matters. Many people forget this. We’ll talk about ways to keep stress levels down and maintain happiness while doing this work.

This industry is sometimes thought of as a hobby by its members, but it is a business and needs to be treated as one.

Now that the foundations are in place, lets start marketing the products to the right audience.

If you’re at this step then it’s time to get moving! Lets put it all together and start building your empire today.

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