Your Success Is Guided By Your Commitment

Path to Success

Your Success Is Guided By Your Commitment

Your Success Is Guided By Your Commitment

You must commit to consistent daily, weekly and monthly healthy work habits.

Your career journey as an entrepreneur is likely to be full of unexpected twists and turns. For some, these unanticipated challenges and opportunities can derail the plans made.

Plotting the path to career success is a multilayered, complex task that requires discipline, conviction and vision. Above all else, it also requires a deep commitment on your part to the work, solving those challenges and moving forward. Those twists and turns are inevitable. It’s up to you to keep your eye on the road ahead.

Building a Path to Success

Entrepreneurs have a deep, unabiding faith in the products and services they sell. That is one of the key factors of business success. The roadmap they use and the skills they acquire, leverage and master go a long way in determining that success. But it’s the commitment — daily, weekly, monthly and annually — that will get you the most success.

What does that path look like? Commitment is just one of the areas covered in this 10-part series. The steps are just as important as commitment. They include:

  • Your Success Is Guided By Your Commitment
  • Becoming Your Brand
  • Remembering It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint
  • Understanding Business Is Risky and Being Fearless
  • Building the Right Team
  • Putting Your Nose to the Prospecting Grindstone
  • Being Your Own Engine
  • Managing the Books
  • Finding the Right Marketing and Advertising Streams
  • Shaping Your Path

All 10 steps are doable, practical and foundational for business success.

Where to Start Building Your Path

There’s no fixed rulebook when it comes to creating a path to success. Different businesses in different industries have different nuances that need to be factored into your planning. However, here are a few of the key steps and questions to ask as you start your journey. While some of these steps are only tangentially related to your business, they are important nonetheless to gain the clarity you need to commit to success.

Finding Purpose

What do you want to do with your life? What will your life encircle and embrace? That means identifying what you’re passionate about and focusing on those things in your professional or personal life or both. Here are some questions to ask yourself when it comes to finding purpose:

  • Describe your ideal world.
  • What are your best skills, attributes and traits?
  • How can you put those skills, attributes and traits towards creating your ideal world?

Your Values

How will you live your life? What rules do you want to govern your work life? While no one is going to call you on your rule-following or rule-breaking, you’ll know. So it makes sense to establish your values as those that are practical and realistic, while also being inspirational.

If you regularly live your life in contradiction to your own defined rules, you are creating self-rejection that can lead to lower self-esteem and poor performance. If you gain success as an entrepreneur but had to break your rules and values to get there, will you ever achieve true happiness with the results?

The Important Things

What are the important areas of your life? Make a list of which of these matter most:

  • Work and Career
  • Family
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Leisure Activities
  • Personal Growth

After ranking your important areas, note how happy you are in each. The answers may surprise you and help you focus on where to commit your energy.

Ideal State

Look at that list again. What’s the ideal state for the most important ones? What does each of those ideal states look like when you’re leading a fulfilling life? Trying writing out what those ideal states are, before narrowing them each down to one sentence.

Your Strategy

With a clear sense of what the ideal state looks like when realized, you can then develop the strategies in each area of your life. This is a holistic approach to strategy, developing the right approach to each important area. Imagine how powerful this approach can be when you set your business and financial strategies at the same time you establish strategies for other important areas of your life.

Setting Goals

Use the strategies you develop to set aspirational, attainable goals. Goals then drive the actions you will take to get closer to achieving your vision, guided by your values and purpose.

What does this work require? Commitment. To yourself. To your business. To what’s important. It also means having conviction for what you want and how you’re going to be present.

Start Building Your Empire Today

Tips for Successful Paths

What do you need to do now that you have a vision, strategy and goals? Here are a few tips on how to navigate that path and what to do along the way:

  • Don’t Chase the Money. This may seem counterintuitive. Businesses are at their foundation about money. But money cannot be the sole motivating driver for success. Think of money as the byproduct of good work, good products and services and good business practices. Money is a positive consequence, not the be-all and end-all.
  • Love What You Do. You don’t need to love what you do every minute of every hour of every day. But you do need to be passionate about your work and the impact it can have on others. Embrace the achievements, consider the tough times as learning opportunities and continue your commitment to success.
  • Continue to Learn. Leaders who think they have all the answers are bound to fail eventually. No one will be fully aware of trends, skills, horizon issues, economic factors and other unknowns. What an extraordinary opportunity you have to continue learning about your business and industry. There are many excellent resources to provide you with information that will be valuable, from newsletters and websites to classes, webinars, seminars and workshops. No matter what business you’re in, it always pays to be curious, learn and apply new-found knowledge to your business.
  • Expect the Unexpected. Consider all the factors that can shape how your business operates. Economic changes, international political forces, customer trends, new technologies and potential partnerships can open up new potential paths. You need to not discount new possibilities and remain rigid to older paradigms. You can remain focused on your path to success without tunnel vision. In this case, the commitment is to be open to change.
  • Set Incremental Goals. When you set goals, you should understand that not all will be achieved in the near term. That’s why having a set of incremental goals is the ideal way to keep yourself on the right path. Milestone achievements on the road to your broader goals should be lauded and celebrated, while you continue to move forward.
  • Work Hard and Smart. You will need to work hard, no matter what business you start, to be successful. Hard work pays off and business is not easy. You’ll need to work for your success. But you also need to know where to expend your energy, what to focus on and where to start. You also need to balance work time with some personal space. You’re no good to yourself, your employees or your business if you burn yourself out.
  • Find Your People. You need to bring people into your business who complement your skills and add more to the business. You also need to surround yourself with people you trust, who will challenge you, and believe in the vision you’ve set. Trusting colleagues should not be those who constantly agree with you, but rather those who can challenge your assumptions, keep you focused and allow you to consider new ways of doing things.
  • Embrace Innovation. Business today is evolving at a rapid pace. Consider the way technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, the Internet of Things and cloud computing have reshaped how we work and live today. No matter what your business is, you need to be open to innovation. What’s worked in the past may very well not work in the future, especially as customer expectations and demands change quickly. You need to be able to adapt in order to remain competitive.
  • Pursue Excellence. Innovation, drive, support and focus all make you a better leader and business owner. Becoming the very best at what you do is at the heart of a committed path to success. Excellence should be not only what you expect of yourself, but also your employees, processes, products and services. Excellence does not mean perfection. It means identifying new opportunities, assessing them intelligently, and making good decisions. You’ll want to have processes in place that assess, reevaluate and refine how work is done, how success is measured and what needs to be added as part of the ongoing refinement of your strategic plan and goals.
  • Find a Mentor. People throw the term “mentor” out there far too easily. But having a mentor — and being a mentor — are very rewarding experiences, no matter the role you play in the relationship. A mentor should be someone you trust implicitly, who knows your strengths and weaknesses, and can be candid with you. Your mentor need not also work in your industry. An excellent mentor relationship gives you someone to turn to discuss possibilities, challenges, roadblocks and frustration.
  • Consider Your Personal Brand. Brand-building is no longer just for your business. You need to consider your own brand and how to get there using websites, social media, personal outreach, networking, customer reviews and other marking strategies that make sure people know who you are, what you stand for and the value proposition you provide to them. Branding yourself also means thinking about your professional reputation. That’s where the values and priorities you did work on earlier help frame how you are going to be.
  • Own It. You’ve created your career path. Write it down and refer to it often. Use it as a guide to the work you do and determine when it might need to be revised and why.

At Multileveling.com, we help entrepreneurs like yourself with insights, tools, expertise and the community support you need to navigate your career path. To really get the most out of our platform and the knowledge we hope to impart, move on to step 2: Become Your Own Brand.

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The Complete Path

You must commit to consistent daily, weekly and monthly healthy work habits.

Becoming an independent business owner, everything you do impacts your brand.

Working for yourself should be about building a future for you, your family, and anyone you work with. That doesn’t happen overnight.

There is always risk in business. Managing the risk, and your exposure to it is important for the business and your health.

How to effectively communicate with your team, and the tools available to make it easy.

Prospecting takes a lot of time and effort. The right tools and preparation can make it easier and a lot more fun.

Your mental and physical health matters. Many people forget this. We’ll talk about ways to keep stress levels down and maintain happiness while doing this work.

This industry is sometimes thought of as a hobby by its members, but it is a business and needs to be treated as one.

Now that the foundations are in place, lets start marketing the products to the right audience.

If you’re at this step then it’s time to get moving! Lets put it all together and start building your empire today.

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