Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts

Promotional articles put a spotlight on your company, an offering, or yourself!

You supply a logo or image, a description, and a link you want us to send visitors to. If you have a good writer and want to sends us copy, then you can write the post. If you want us to write it and you sign off, we can do that too.

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You Write

Larger companies with writers on staff, or those lucky few of you out there that can actually write good content, can choose this option. We will be happy to review the content and send back notes to make sure the post fits the tone and style of our site.
When you are providing your own content you can give us up to three images for the post. We require at least one for the header (featured) image. The other two can be placed inside the article. The article itself can be anywhere between 250 and 2000 words.
Once the article is approved by both us and you we will publish it on our blog, in the main activity feed for the site, and we’ll promote it on our social media accounts.


We Write

Finding a great writer can be difficult, even if you live in an English-speaking country. For that reason, and because we were spending so much time rejecting or trying to fix badly-written articles, we decided to offer writing as part of our Sponsored Posts service.
You can still provide us with images, an outline of the structure you would like and instructions on the main points you would like the article to make. One of our native English speaking professional editors will write a highly effective article, of 700 to 1,000 words, for you.
When you give the article your final approval, the article will be published on the blog page of Multileveling, in the main activity feed for the site, and we’ll promote it on our social media accounts.


* This pricing is subject to change. As our site grows we will adjust pricing accordingly. Get in now to get the best prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements for the Logo image to be used?

Yes, the logo will be displayed as a 100x100px square. The image you send us must fit these dimensions. The file size cannot exceed 200kb.


Yes, any images you would like included in the post must be no larger than 850px wide. These images cannot exceed 200kb each. There is a maximum of 3 images for a post: 1 header image (featured image), and 2 images in the body of the post. These are not required, but those are the limits.

How many "dofollow" links do you allow in sponsored posts?

We allow 2 dofollow links in the Sponsored Post. All other links will be nofollow.

Will you publish my sponsored post before I make a payment?

No. We will publish your content only after we receive your payment.

How long does it take to publish my sponsored post after I submit payment?

This depends on who is writing the post. If you are submitting us content, then we review it and might need to edit it to fit the tone of our website. After that we do layout and ask you to give us the ok to post. This process normally takes one week.

If we are writing the post then you must add another week for our writers to ask you questions, write content, have you review and possibly revise it, and then make the post live.

How do you display sponsored posts? Do you allow them on the BLOG Page? Do you delete them eventually?

Sponsored Posts are required by the FTC to be clearly marked. We put a banner on the page stating that it is a sponsored post. We also place all of your sponsor information in the sidebar near the top with prominently displayed logo/image and button linking to a website of your choosing. All of these posts appear on our blog page.
We reserve the right to remove any post from our site that we deem necessary for the proper upkeep, maintenance and legal standing of the site. We do not have any specific policy to delete sponsored posts after a given time period. Given no future issues with the post, they should stay up as long as our website does.

I have an article THAT contains my affiliate links. Will you publish it?

No, we don’t publish sponsored articles with affiliate links.

How many views or clicks can I expect from a sponsored post?

We don’t provide these statistics up front, as it very much depends on your offering and on how interesting it is for our audience. As we grow we intend to add example statistics to this page.

What information do I need to submit when purchasing a Sponsored Post?

We have a form that has required fields for you to fill out. These include: logo/image, description of post, who is writing the post (us or you), link you want your sponsor entry to go to, and contact information.

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