Bookkeeping & Money Management

Tools of the Trade

Bookkeeping & Money Management

No business should run without proper money management. From Excel to proper accounting.

Free Accounting for you and your Team

Proper accounting from the beginning will save you a lot of headaches down the line. Wave is free, not just some fake version of free that is actually a trial, but really free. They have options where they make money, but thats only for people taking payments through their platform. Very few people from this industry will ever need to do that.

Help from Wave's Professional Bookkeepers and Coaches

Along with the free option, Wave offers services. Coaching for the new business owner is a great way to make sure you are doing everything you need to. If your business is doing well enough to afford it, their bookkeeping service will manage your Wave account for you!

The Simplest Method for Small Organizations

There’s nothing simpler than a single entry spreadsheet for the first time bookkeeper. Every business needs accounting, no matter how small. Our excel example comes from the Business Accounting Basics website.

For $9.99 you can take this course that comes with spreadsheets and training on how to use them.

Other Tools of the Trade

Task management and planning tools to get your organization running smooth.

Domains, hosts, and software for your website(s). Done right, this part can be easy.

Landing pages, conversion rate optimization, and search engine optimization tools.

Email blasts, newsletters, and all other outreach tools. Use these to find your team!

Communication and business tools to organize your company and make life easier.

Events and webinars can be full-time work. These tools will help you manage calendars, attendees, and tickets.