Verification Policy

Our verification policy is kept simple, so it is easy for our users to understand. Verification is meant to give confidence to users that the profile they are viewing is really the person it claims to be. This is done for industry leaders and celebrities who might have imposters. If a user on our platform has a verified check mark they have been verified by our staff and we believe that they are who they claim to be.

To be verified please reach out to our support team via this form. Do not flood our support team with requests if you do not meet the qualifications listed below. Abuse of this system could result in suspension of your account for a given time period or even being banned from the platform.

Qualifications for verification

  1. An obvious leadership status in the industry, such as a well recognized name or brand.
  2. Verification on another platform such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Celebrity endorsers of industry brands and products.
  4. Users who have a history of being abused by fake accounts and imposters on this and other platforms. We will need a lot of proof for this qualification to be used. Proof can be in the form of reports from other networks, verification on other networks due to the impersonation, screenshots and/or links to the impersonating accounts.

Verifying other people

Are you aware of someone other than yourself who should be verified? If you know the individual or represent them, please reach out through this form and we will work to get them on the platform and verified.